Monthly Archives: January 2015

Hope Does Not Disappoint


In the last few hours I have read 2 different writings on hope. One led me to the passage in Romans 5:5 which states, “And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. ” (NIV)

Hope is always one of my favorite topics. I love to ponder this idea that hope does not disappoint; because too often we become a little lost in our disappointment….disappointment in people, in jobs, in choices, in health, in God, in ourselves.  We all desperately need the chance to hope.

So we look to hope, because hope does not disappoint. And that hope sprung from the love of God allows us to dream. So what do I dream, what do I hope for in this new year?

I hope for my husband. I hope he is challenged and inspired. I hope his life is better with me as his wife. I hope I love him better every day.

I hope for my kids. I hope they learn and grow through their struggles. I hope they are inspired to dream big and chase those big dreams. I hope they will seek and know Jesus in a way that is life-altering. I hope I know them deeper and love them better.

I hope for my church. I hope for continued opportunities to grow and be challenged. I hope for gatherings that seek and respond to the Spirit of God. I hope for a body that radically follows Jesus. I hope for big dreams that feed hungry people, walk alongside the lonely, and seek real community.

I hope for this world that is broken and hurting and lonely. I hope in the knowledge that light overcomes the darkness. I hope in the promise of restoration and a God who will set things to right.

I hope for me. I hope I will continually seek what it means to follow Jesus in my life. I hope I will question and challenge and doubt so that I may meet God in those tough places. I hope I’m a better teacher; I hope my students can clearly see Jesus through me. I hope I pray better, think better, learn better, seek better. I hope that I am kind. I hope I am compassionate. I hope that I am thankful.

I hope….and hope does not disappoint.