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Why I Love Joel Crain


So my husband of 20 years turns 50 tomorrow. Crazy. I’m married to an old man…. 🙂

Last weekend we were talking about birthdays and marriage and love and all the deep things and Joel said he could tell me all the reasons why he loved me…and he did. Then he asked why I loved him.

Now I could give some flippant, mushy, gushy answers right off the cuff, but I am not the romantic type, never really have been and so I began to think about the question. I had not thought about that question in a long time; because truth be told, loving Joel is just a given for me. It’s ingrained in who I am and I had not really thought about the why. So I’ve been thinking about the why, reminding myself about the why because sometimes it’s important to do that. So….

Joel Crain, this is why I love you….

I love our story.

I love that when we met, you were an arrogant so and so, but you were always kind to me.

I love that before we started dating (but obviously had all the feels for each other) you would sing Billy Joel’s “You may be right, I may be crazy, but it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for” to me.

I love that it took us three and a half years to actually start dating (not counting that one night by the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville) and when we finally did get together we were already in love.

I love our first kiss (you remember that one night by the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville?!!)

I loved our sweet, sweet time together when Chloe was born and it was just the three of us in a little apartment, no money, but a whole lot of love….and fun. We were so young….and so thin.

I love that you cry at movies like Cheaper By the Dozen but pretend there’s something in your eye.

I love how passionate you are. You feel big and I need that.

I love that you’re my favorite shopping partner.

I love that we debate and disagree and sometimes you’re right and most times I’m right and often times we’re both wrong, but it just doesn’t matter because the fun is in the discussion.

I love that you think outside the box. You’re wickedly smart and unconventionally funny. You don’t always make the obvious or easy choice and you’re not afraid to think about hard things.

I love how much you believe in me. You moved to Indiana so that I could go to grad school (that I didn’t finish). You supported and encouraged me when I went back to grad school 15 years and a career change later. You’ve told me repeatedly that I have an important voice and you are not intimidated by my feminist, strong-minded ways. In fact, I think it’s one of the things you love about me. When you look at me, I see in your eyes that you believe in me and that you think I’m something special. I love that.

I love that you’re my best friend. You have seen and experienced every ugly about me and you choose to love me and even like me anyway.

Our life is a lot of long days and short years as they say. Some days are hard, really hard. Some days are easy and I’m thankful for both, because it makes us who we are.

I love you Joel Crain. Happy Birthday old man.